Flower Fairy in Purple (20cm)

R 380.00

Skin tone

Our whimsical Flower Fairies are created with layers of exotic fabrics brought together to portray a unique flower character. Hand-painted faces are framed by long lush hair made from a mix of yarns, textures and colours. Seed-filled bodies and transparent organza wings dusted with fairy glitter add to their distinctive charm. These fairies are adored by girls of all ages and make magical gifts.


Quality Features

  • Hand assembled with precision and care.
  • Durable and sewn to last years of love and attention.
  • Seed fillings add weight and make each toy a treasure to hold.
  • Wool stuffed heads and hand shaped button noses.
  • Hand-painted faces.
  • 20cm from head to toe.
  • Suitable for children 2yrs and up.


Please note: All handmade products are uniquely crafted to a colour palette and some variation in fabrics and design will naturally occur. Images are intended as a guide only.


"Each product is intended to encourage authentic connection, to spark the power of imagination, to bring mindfulness into play and creativity into expression. It is our hope that each toy represent a seed from which love and gratitude may grow."