Frankie and the Moon Children's Book

R 100.00

Frankie and the Moon is a beautifully illustrated short story about a little boy struggling to go to sleep. He calls his grandmother, who knows just what to say.

Set in Cape Town, South Africa, this little book captures the dreamy feeling of the city at night, with all its creatures and characters. It is the perfect bedtime story.

The Frankie books are made with love by illustrator, Frank Lunar, and author, Zoë Boshoff. They are part of a Frankie book series, currently under development.

Features of this soft cover book include:
- Fits into your bag, for on-the-go storytelling (15cm/15cm).
- Ideal for children between one and four, although enjoyable at any age.
- A perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a little person.
- An easy-to-post taste of Cape Town for oversees friends and family.

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