Jasper - Handmade Waldorf Doll (30cm)

R 750.00

Meet Jasper, our courageous and friendly Waldorf doll. Jasper enjoys playing new games and exploring the garden for secret hideouts. Every day is full of adventure and discovery with Jasper, he enjoys playing in nature and loves nothing more than to be cuddled and loved by someone who just loves to have fun too.

Soft and cuddly
Designed to be simple yet loving, each Waldorf doll has its own unique personality with limited facial features, so your child can use their imagination when playing. We have kept them simple on purpose with embroidered eyes and a slight mouth, so your son or daughter can decide if their doll is happy, sad, laughing or crying at any moment, the clothes are removable, so they can be dressed and undressed. Their luxurious softness, flexibility and size make them extremely comforting and easy to cuddle but also more familiar than a plastic alternative which is restricted in movement. 

A unique and personal gift

Choose your favourite doll from our Waldorf family and give it as a gift. They make perfect Christening presents, Birthday gifts, baptism gifts and as baby gifts too. Please note that if giving as a baby gift they are best suited as a toy from the age of 2 years but before that they can be a supportive and friendly presence on the shelf in a child’s nursery, becoming a familiar face as they grow.

These premium soft dolls are hand-stitched and stuffed with pure wool. Heads are carefully shaped by hand and hair is hand-stitched to create each unique hairstyle. 


Quality Features

  • Made in the traditional Waldorf Style.
  • Removable clothes for dressing/undressing.
  • Hand assembled with precision and care.
  • Durable and sewn to last years of love and attention.
  • Pure wool stuffing.
  • Hand shaped heads and button noses.
  • 30cm from head to toe.
  • Suitable for children 2yrs and up.


Please note: All handmade products are uniquely crafted to a colour palette and some variation in fabrics and design will naturally occur. Images are intended as a guide only.


"Each product is intended to encourage authentic connection, to spark the power of imagination, to bring mindfulness into play and creativity into expression. It is our hope that each toy represent a seed from which love and gratitude may grow."